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Our website store will bring convenience to customers and the seller. Shoppers will be able to browse thousands of product images, videos, and choose delivery methods and times. Shoppers can order from the comfort of their own home and shop from their computer, tablet or phone.
One of the most important points in creating our website is the "SEO Tools & Meta Tags" function, which enables us to automatically publish the name of each product individually in the search engines of Google and others. Our website is adapted for all devices and functions well. Also, it is multi-lingual and you can offer your products in every country of the world. All the necessary functions for both large and small online stores. Professional admin panel will help you comfortably manage your goods and customer database. News and Blog sections allow you to publish and advertise new products on your site. There is a large section of categories and subcategories. Ability to add different product specifics at your discretion. For example, additional colors, sizes, and more. Wide functions of goods management, delivery and client base. Ability to connect various forms of payment.

Here is an example of our Shop website! Click HERE: WWW.SHOPVARIUS.ONLINE




1. Multiple / Multilingual - 80+ languages
2. Adapted to all Devices
3. Admin Panel professional
4. Wide Search Settings
5. SEO Tools - Meta Tags -
6. Multilingual SEO
7. News Page - wide options for your news page.
8. Blog Page - extras options for your blog page.
9. Social Sharing - you can turn on/off the social media sharing buttons.
10. Settings global announcement - global announcements bar at the top of your website.
11. Advertising: Banners, Campaigns, Slots - wide managing advertising space for your website
12. Google Adsense - all the Google Adsense settings for your website.
13. Google Analytics - all the Google Analytics settings for your website.
14. Google Captcha V3 - this is to stop bots commenting.
15. Payment & Checkout - Manage payment gateways, tax, shipping, coupons etc
16. Payment Gateways - you can setup and configure payment gateways for your website.
17. Regions - let you setup country/state combinations which can be used for custom tax and shipping prices.
18. Shipping Settings - you can setup shipping options for your website.
19. Coupon Codes - you can setup discount codes for your website.
20. Tax - you can setup tax options for your website.
21. Invoice Address - you can modify your company details & invoice address.
22. Email Settings - customization of your website emails, manage mailing lists etc.
23. System Emails - emails which are triggered during events on your website.
24. Email Settings - detailing of applying to all emails sent from this website.
25. Email Logs - you can view logs of your emails being sent by the theme.
26. Send Newsletter - you can send a mass email to all newsletter subscribers.
27. Newsletter Settings - email is sent to a user when they join your newsletter.
28. Newsletter Subscribers - you can manage your newsletter subscriber list.
29. Newsletter Subscribers Import Tool - you can import newsletter subscribers. You can bulk import new users to your subscriber list.
30. Users Settings - user preferences, custom user fields, registration details and more.
31. Registration - users signups and registration options.
32. Registration Fields - you can create your own fields for users to enter more details.
33. User Types - you can manage user types and display options.
34. Login Page - you can customize the login page design.
35. Social Login - you can let users to login via Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.
36. Rating & Comments - you can turn on/off the user rating and comments system.
37. User Favorites - you can modify the user favorites system.
38. Favorites & Likes - you can turn ON or OFF the user rating and comment system.
39. Message System - you can turn ON or OFF the entire website message system.
40. Extra 1 Message System - you can change options for the built-in message system.
41. Extra 2 Message System - you can turn ON or OFF the private message system within user account.
42. Message Attachments - you can turn ON or OFF the file attachment feature for the message system.
43. Notification System - you can turn ON or OFF the entire website notification system.
44. User Verfication - you can stop users from accessing website features until they verify their identify.
45. User Account Options - you can manage what's displayed on the user account page.
46. User Profile Pages - you can change the user settings for your website.
47. Product Settings - you can manage product settings, custom fields, add-ons and more.
48. Product Page Options - additional page display options.
49. Product Page Design - you can choose many type of product page design.
50. Show Map Box - you can turn ON or OFF the map display on the ad page.
51. Product Page Design - you can choose the
52. Image Gallery - additional settings for the image gallery display.
53. Gallery Style - you can choose which gallery style to use.
54. Product Page Search Settings - you can manage your website search settings.
55. Search Filters - you can choose the filters you want to be displayed on the search page: Price, Category, Keyword, Delivery Time, Reviews, Color, Size, sale, Date Added.

56. Display Order:
* Price
* Category
* Keyword
* Delivery Time
* Reviews
* Color
* Size
* sale
* Date Added

57. Toggle Filters:
* Featured
* On Sale

58. Hidden Filters - Only show products with images OR Only members can use search filters.

59. You can choose Users must be logged in or not.
60. Display Options:
61. Ad Favorites
62. QR Code
63. Star Rating
64. Colors
65. Sizes
66. Taxonomies - you can change the display options for your taxonomies.
67. Map Providers - you can choose which map provider you want to use.
68. Maps are displayed on contact and search pages.
69. Badges - you can choose and create your own badges and add them to selected products.
70. Search Data - you can manage your country and city search data. The country and city search system uses a taxonomy. Parent values will be considered countries. Sub categories regions and cities.
71. Homepage Search Box - this is a search box on homepage: Keyword, Category, Price, Location, Color, Size, Sale, Country.
72. Category Manager - you can manage all the taxonomies for your website.
73. Import Values- you can mass import values for your taxonomy.
74. Social Sharing Box - you can turn ON or OFF the default display of this box.
75. User Balance & Payments - you can manage the user balance and payment options.
76. Membership Settings - membership and pricing plans for your website.
77. Membership Pricing Plans - add, edit and update memberships. You can manage your membership settings.
78. Comments - you can manage comment and feedback on your website.
79. Google Map - will display a map of search results at the top of the page.
80. Currency Selection
81. GDPR Cookie Law

Google Maps
82. Here are all the Google Map settings for your website.
83. NEXMO SMS API - which allows you to receive SMS alerts to your mobile phone.

84. Adult Notice 18+

Google Adsense
85. Here are all the Google Adsense settings for your website.

86. Stop bots commenting. If turned OFF there will be no CAPTCHA security code.
87. Integrated the NEXMO SMS API which allows you to receive SMS alerts to your mobile phone. You will need an account with credit to use this feature.
88. Intuitive navigation
89. Site map
90. Fast load times
91. Simple page design
92. HTML and CSS
93. Search tool
94. Cross-platform capabilities, aka omnichannel
95. Suitable color scheme
96. Consistency throughout the website
97. Images and other content
98. Bonus Tip: Inclusive website functional design
99. SEO & Analytics
100. Active Support Messages System

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