Our micro-jobs website can connect performers and employers on one platform. This is possible with the SEO algorithms we have put in place.
What is a micro-job?
Micro-work is a temporary job of any type, often done on the Internet. It may resemble personal tasks or be completely online. For example article writing, virtual assistant, handyman, babysitter, design development, dog walking, etc.
Why do I need a micro-job website?
First of all, it should serve the main purpose. Namely, to help connect doers to employers for a small fee. The advantages of our site:
* Multilingual interface of the site;
* Easy registration;
* Search and sorting module;
* Google Maps module for interactive search of freelance work;
* Big choice of payment methods;
* Verification Module.
Our micro-jobs websites are similar to popular global services. For example EasyShift, fiverr, ySense, and Upwork. See for yourself.

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